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Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research

In order to be CO2 neutral by 2050, significant upscaling of technology and intensification of research and innovation in hydrogen and green chemistry will be needed in the coming years. Therefore the ECCM committee which advises the government on hydrogen and electrochemistry, and the Ministry of […]

Best Renewable Energy and Sustainability Solution

Koenigseggs are particularly rare machines, even before someone crashes one. The company doesn’t build many, and the ones they do aren’t built quickly. This rarity makes the company’s inaugural Koenigsegg gathering a special event. The event attracted 13 cars and their owners to Koenigsegg’s home […]

Renewables not the only solution?

Will renewables get us climate-neutral in Europe by 2050? Or should we look at other solutions to curb climate change? Think of carbon capture, geoengineering, energy efficiency and nuclear energy. And what about climate adaptation? 

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